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Date:22 (Mon) August, 2011, 14:00-16:00
Speaker:Dr. Mitsutoshi Fujita (IPMU)
Title:Probing AdS Wormholes by Entanglement Entropy
Room:Seminar Room (1F), Guest House, Kinki University

Date: 29 (Fri) July, 2011, 15:00-
Speaker: Mr. Yoshifumi Nakata (University of Tokyo)
Title: Entanglement of phase-random states
Room: Room QC, Fl.8, Bld.31, Kinki University

Date: 28 (Thu) July, 2011, 15:00-
Speaker: Dr. Koji Maruyama (Osaka City University)
Title: System identification through a small gateway: What do we see in it?
Room: Room QC, Fl.8, Bld.31, Kinki University

Date: 27 (Fri) May, 2011, 16:30-
Speaker: Dr. Kenichi Kasamatsu (Kinki University)
Title: Analogue of D-brane in Bose-Einstein condensates
Room: Room QC, Fl.8, Bld.31, Kinki University

Date: 30 (Sat) Apr, 2011, 14:00-17:00
Speaker: Dr. Matthias Wapler (Sogang University)
Title: Three Roads to Probe-Brane Superconductivity
Room: Room 801, Bld.31, Kinki University


Date: 17 (Wed) Nov, 2010, 15:00-18:00
Speaker: Dr. Akira Furusaki (Riken)
Title: Introduction to topological insulators and superconductors
Room: Room 802, Bld.31, Kinki University

Date: 28 (Wed) July: 14:50-16:20 @Bld.31- Room 305
29 (Thu) July: 14:50-16:20 @Bld.31- Room 304
30 (Fri) July: 14:50-16:20 @Bld.31- Room 403
Speaker: Dr. Ling-Yan Hung (University of Waterloo)
Title: AdS/CFT, Condensed Matter Physics, and Topological Order
Room: 305 (Wed) 304 (Thu) 403 (Fri), Bld.31, Kinki University

Date: 22 (Tue) June, 2010, 16:30-18:00
Speaker: Prof. Mio Murao (University of Tokyo)
Title: Quantum computing with authentication [To be Presented in Japanese]
Room: Room 401, Bld.31, Kinki University

Date: 11 (Fri) June, 2010, 13:30-15:00
Speaker: Dr. Hossein Mehri-Dehnavi (Kinki University)
Title: Spectral singularities and their appearance in scattering Hamiltonians with complex potential
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - QC Room, Kinki University

Date: 14 (Fri) May, 2010, 13:30-15:00
Speaker: Dr. Shu Tanaka (Kinki University)
Title: Quantum Annealing for Practical Problem
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - QC Room, Kinki University

Dates: (i) 27 (Tue) April, 2010, 16:30-19:00
(ii) 28 (Wed) April, 2010, 13:30-16:30
Speakers: (i) Dr. Daniel Burgarth (Imperical College, Unversity of London, UK)
(ii) Dr. Koji Maruyama (Riken, Japan)
Titles: (i) Scalable quantum computation via local control of only two qubits
(ii) Hamitonian tomography of spin chains under restricted access
Room: Bld.38 - Fl.7 - No.S715, Kinki University

Date: 29 (Mon) March, 2010, 11:00-17:00
Speaker: Dr. Masaki Tezuka (Kyoto University)
Title: Fermi condensates with population imbalance (in Japanese)
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - No.802, Kinki University


Date: 12 (Sat) December, 2009, 15:00-
Speaker: Prof. Dieter Suter (Universität Dortmund)
Title: Spins as qubits: Spin-based quantum computing
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - No.801, Kinki University

Date: 10 (Thu) December, 2009, 16:30-17:30
Speaker: Dr. Yoshitaka Sasaki (Kinki University, Higashi-Osaka)
Title: Exponential polynomials and quantum computing
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.4 - No.401, Kinki University

Date: 12 (Thu) November, 2009, 16:30-17:30
Speaker: Dr. Hossein Mehri (Kinki University, Higashi-Osaka)
Title: Geometric phase for non-Hermitian Hamiltonians and its holonomy interpretation
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.4 - No.401, Kinki University

Date: 7 (Wed) October, 2009, 15:00-16:30
Speaker: Dr. Yidun Wan (Kinki University, Higashi-Osaka)
Title: Emergent matter as Braid Excitations of Quantum Geometry
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - QC Room, Kinki University

Date: 3 (Fri) July, 2009, 14:50-16:20
Speaker: Dr. Tomonari Wakabayashi (Kinki University, Higashi-Osaka)
Title: Macrocoherent Amplification using Super Radiant States
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.6 - No.603, Kinki University

Date: 24 (Fri) April, 2009, 14:50-16:50
Speaker: Dr. Takao Morinari (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto)
Title: ν=5/2 fractional quantum Hall state and non-Abelian anyons
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.6 - No.603, Kinki University

Date: 4 (Wed) March, 2009, 15:00-16:30
Speaker: Dr. Toshiki Ide (Okayama Institute for Quantum Physics)
Title: Quantum Optics Using Classical Light
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - No.802, Kinki University

Date: 25 (Wed) February, 2009, 15:00-16:30
Speaker: Prof. Tomotoshi Nishino (Kobe University)
Title: From DMRG Matrix Product States to Tensor Product Formulation
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - No.802, Kinki University

Date: 23-24 (Mon-Tue) February, 2009
Speaker: Prof. Kazuyuki Fujii (Yokohama City University)
Title: 1. General Solution of the Quantum Damped Harmonic Oscillator: Cavity QED and Decoherence, 16:30-18:00 23rd (Mon)
2. On Baker-Campbell-Hausdorff Formula, 10:40-12:10 24th (Tue)
3. Bloch Equation from Open Quantum System, 13:10-14:40 24th (Tue)
Room: Bld.31 - Fl.8 - No.802, Kinki University


Date: 10 (Wed) December, 2008
Speaker: Prof. Shigeru Yamashita (Nara Institute of Science and Technology)
Title: Quantum query complexity for evaluating boolean functions
Room: 31-F8-QC, Kinki University

Date: 4 (Thu) September, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Satoshi Iriyama (Tokyo University of Science)
Title: On Quantum Algorithm and Its Application - SAT Problem and Multiple Allignment
Room: 38-308, Kinki University

Date: 22 (Tue) July, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Koji Maruyama (Riken)
Title: CNOT-free entanglement purification using spin chain dynamics
Room: 38-308, Kinki University

Date: 4 (Fri) July, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Takeshi Mizushima (Okayama University)
Title: Role of the Majorana fermion and the edge mode in chiral superfluidity near a p-wave Feshbach resonance
Room: 31-804, Kinki University

Date: 28 (Wed) May, 2008
Speaker: Prof. Tomonari Wakabayashi (Kinki University)
Title: Short review on the recent progress in N@C60
Room: 31-802, Kinki University

Date: 28 (Mon) April, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Y. Kawaguchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Title: Knots in a Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate
Room: 31-802, Kinki University

Date: 31(Mon) March, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Robert Hübener (University of Innsbruck)
Title: Renormalization algorithm with graph enhancement
Room: 31-801, Kinki University

Date: 11(Mon) Febrary, 2008
Speaker: Dr. Mikko Möttönen (Helsinki University of Technology)
Title: Observation of the Berry phase in a superconducting charge pump
Room: 31-8 3rd meeting room, Kinki University

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