Kinki University Quantum Computing Series

Summer School on Decoherence, Entanglement and Entropy
August 8(Sat)-11(Tue) 2009 at  Oxford Kobe Institute (Kobe, Japan)

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Tentative Program
8 (Sat)9 (Sun) 10 (Mon)11 (Tue)
8:00-9:00  Breakfast BreakfastBreakfast
9:10-10:40  M. Duff 2 M. Duff 3M. Duff 4
10:40-11:00 OpeningBreak BreakBreak
11:00-12:30 A. Hosoya 1A. Hosoya 2 A. Hosoya 3A. Hosoya 4
12:30-14:00 Lunch (Poster Setup)Lunch LunchLunch
14:00-15:30 M.A. Martin-Delgado 1M.A. Martin-Delgado 2 M.A. Martin-Delgado 3M.A. Martin-Delgado 4
15:30-15:50 BreakBreak BreakBreak
15:50-17:20 V. Karimipour 1V. Karimipour 2 V. Karimipour 3V. Karimipour 4
18:00-19:30 SupperSupper SupperSupper
19:30-21:00 M. Duff 1 Contributed Talks 1 Contributed Talks 2 Contributed Talks 3
21:00- Poster Session/Informal Discussions Poster Session/Informal Discussions Informal Discussions Informal Discussions
12 (Wed) - 13 (Thu)
Workshop on MPS formulation and DMRG (Same Venue)
Contributed Talks 1
(9th, 19:30-21:00):
(i) A. Sugita (Osaka City Univ), Systematic generation of entanglement measures from group representation theory
(ii) T. Ichikawa (Kinki Univ), T. Sasaki (KEK), and I. Tsutsui (KEK), On a Possible Definition of Entanglement in Antisymmetric States
(iii) T. Sasaki (KEK), T. Ichikawa (Kinki Univ), and I. Tsutsui (KEK), Entanglement measures for intermediate separability
Contributed Talks 2
(10th, 19:30-21:00):
(i) W. Rubens (Imperial College & Tokyo Univ), Introduction the the black-hole/qubit correspondence for the quantum information-ist
(ii) K. Oda (Osaka Univ), Plasma Entropy from Higher-Dimensional Black Hole
(iii) Y. Sekino (Okayama Inst. Quant. Phys.), Black holes as fast scramblers
Contributed Talks 3
(11th, 19:30-21:00):
(i) K. Hasebe (Takuma National College of Tech), The Split-Algebras and Non-compact Hopf Maps
(ii) K. Shiokawa (Inst. Phys. Ac. Sinica & Nat. Ctr. Theor. Sci. Taiwan), Unruh Effect on Entanglement Dynamics and Teleportation
(iii) T. Ide (Kinki Univ), Telecloning of a photonic qubit via thermal noise
S. Tanimura (Kyoto Univ), A new version of Bell's inequality
K. Fujii and K. Yamamoto (Kyoto Univ), Highly efficient energy transfer in photosynthetic complexes and quantum anti-Zeno effect
Y. Sasaki (Kinki Univ), On zeros of exponential polynomials and quantum algorithms
T. Sagawa (Univ. Tokyo) and M. Ueda (Univ. Tokyo & ERATO), Minimal Energy Cost for Quantum Information Processing