Our recommendation

You are recommended to stay in the U-Community Hotel, where the Summer School is held. As a Summer School participant, you will receive a 30%-discount off the regular room price of the hotel. Please email or fax the hotel to book your room, making clear that you will be attending the "Kinki University Summer School" (or 近畿大学サマースクール in Japanese). Please note that the hotel has reserved 20 single rooms for the Summer School, so you are suggested to make your reservation as early as possible. If you would stay in the hotel with your family memebers, partners, friends, etc, please ask the hotel for a larger room. Please also note that the hotel will charge you by person, not by room; however, the 30%-discount applies to your accompanies as well.

You are certainly free to choose your own accommodations for whatever reasons. Nevertheless, you would not be able to receive any discount for hotels other than the one we recommended. We would be sorry for any inconvenience that this would bring to you.