Kinki University Quantum Computing Series
Symposium on Decoherence Suppression in Quantum Systems
September 7-10 2008 at  Oxford Kobe Institute (Kobe, Japan)
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Proceedings has been published in January 2010
Kinki University Series on Quantum Computing - Vol. 3

This conference is aimed to gather researchers working or having interests in the field of decoherence and its suppression in order to evoke further developments in the field and to extend mutual collaborations.

Long talks will be given by the invited speakers on the following major topics of the field of decoherence and its suppression in quantum systems.
  • Introduction to Decoherence
  • Dynamical Control of Decoherence
  • Quantum Error Correcting Codes
  • High-Fidelity Universal Quantum Gates
  • Quantum Wipe Effect
  • Geometric Quantum Gates
Contibutions to slots of short talks, and posters, presenting theories, experiments, and computer simulations are welcome.

Topics to be covered include, but not limited to,
  • Quantum Coherence/Decoherence
  • Decoherence Control
  • Error Models
  • Error Corrections
  • Information Theories
  • Thermodynamics

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