Kinki University Quantum Computing Series
Symposium on Decoherence Suppression in Quantum Systems
September 7-10 2008 at  Oxford Kobe Institute (Kobe, Japan)
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Travel Information
I. How to reach Kobe area
I-1. From Kansai Airport to Kobe
I-2. Taking a train of Shinkansen Line to Kobe
II. How to reach Kobe Institute from Kobe area
II-1. Taking a bus in Kobe
II-2. Taking a taxi in Kobe

I-1. From Kansai Airport to Kobe
It is recommended to take a highway bus from Kansai Airport to Sannomiya. The bus stop at the airport is placed in front of the ticket vending machine No. C, in the ground floor outside the terminal building of the airport.

Please look at the Airport Limousine web site From Kansai Airport to Kobe.

They explain how to take a bus at Kansai Airport.

The bus stops at Sannomiya station in Kobe are also explained in their Sannomiya map.

Please look at this map of Sannomiya too.

I-2. Taking a train of Shinkansen Line to Kobe
The station of Shinkansen Line nearest to Kobe Institute is Shin-Kobe. One can reach Shin-Kobe from Tokyo, Shin-Yokohama, Nagoya, etc. using Shinkansen Line.

At the Shin-Kobe station, one can find a taxi easily.

In addition, there is a bus stop "Nunobiki" if one goes out southward from Shin-Kobe station. It is a bus stop of the bus line No. 2 with which you can reach Kobe Institute.

II-1. Taking a bus in Kobe
You can find a bus at the bus stop near Marui shopping mall in Sannomiya area explained in this map.
You may also find it at Nunobiki bus stop close to Shin-Kobe station (if you come to Kobe by Shinkansen Line).

Please take a bus labeled No. 2 (in Japanese, Bus "Ni Kei Tou") which is running from Sannomiya to Hankyu-Rokko and vise versa. The list of bus stops for the bus line No. 2 is available from the Kobe City Bus site for Line No. 2.
The bus stop close to the venue is "Gomo" pronounced as "gomoh".
The fair is 200 yen for a single ride for this bus line. It does not depend on the distance of a ride.

From Gomo to Kobe Institute, please walk by following the map provided from Kobe Institute: From Gomo To Kobe Institute

II-2. Taking a taxi in Kobe
It is easy to find a taxi in Sannomia station, Shin-Kobe station, and Hankyu-Rokko station.

Kobe Institute distributes a useful page of a map with directions, which can be shown to a taxi driver in case you take a taxi from a station in Kobe area.
Show this to a driver

Travel information provided by the Kobe Institute is also useful.